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Castelo Forte 2014Castelo Forte 2014

Between the rising and the setting of the sun our life happens with its different hues. As the tree stands tall between the dawn and the dusk, we also want to keep our heads lifted during the different moments of our existence under the light of Jesus Christ. The 365 meditations of Castelo Forte 2014 bring comfort and hope in days of affliction and are like flowers that brighten and beautify our daily family and communal life. (Only in Portuguese!)

Bíblia Sagrada com Reflexões de LuteroHoly Bible with Luther´s  Reflections

With the Biblical text in the Almeida Revista e Atualizada translation, the Holy Bible with Luther´s Reflections gathers a selection of texts from his vast collection. The work is aimed more at the historical and exegetical comprehension of biblical texts, or even, to a pastoral and practical orientation.

For the publication, reflections were chosen that were related directly or indirectly to biblical texts, from Luther´s published works in Portuguese by the InterLutheran Commission of Literature (CIL), an institution formed by representatives of the Evangelical Church of the Lutheran Confession in Brazil (IECLB) and the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Brazil (IELB). Among them include: The devotional, Castelo Forte, from 1983; the writing, By the Gospel of Christ, from 1984; and the collection, Martin Luther- Selected Works, volumes I and II.

The only one in the world, the Holy Bible with Reflections of Luther offers resources that contribute to preaching the Gospel and edification of the Christian church.

(Only in portuguese!)

Catecismo MaiorLarge Catechism - Martin Luther


We are in full countdown to celebrate the 500 year anniversary of the Reformation, in 2017. Nothing could be more appropriate than to note the reasons of our faith and renew our witness of the Gospel to people and nations. The Editora Sinodal (press) and the Editora Concordia (press) want to collaborate in this celebration with the publication of this edition of the Large Catechism, by the Reformer Luther.

Dr. Ricardo W. Reith

(Only in portuguese!)

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